This page provides the computer code (written in MATLABTM) for Spike Detection with the Continuous Wavelet Transform, as well as a tutorial on how to use the code. The original reference is:

Z. Nenadic and J.W. Burdick, Spike detection using the continuous wavelet transform, IEEE T. Bio-med. Eng., vol. 52, pp. 74-87, 2005.

(Update, May 1, 2015) I added a section to the tutorial on spike templates generated from experimentally recorded data, as used in:

R. Benitez and Z. Nenadic, Robust unsupervised detection of action potentials with probabilistic models, IEEE T. Bio-med. Eng., vol. 55(4), pp. 1344-1354, 2008.

Therefore, if you end up using the code or templates, I would expect you to give a proper credit by citing the references above. The tutorial is provided in html and pdf formats.